Jan 6, 2016

Holiday in the Wairarapa New Zealand

New Zealand is often overlooked as a summer holiday destination by Australians due to the popular misconception that it always rains over the ditch. It doesn’t.

Well one of our team members here at TravelInsurancePlus has just returned from two weeks over there for Xmas and New Year with their family. Two simple  and fun  weeks, which held something for every family member.

They spent the two weeks based out of Featherston, an hour North East of Wellington, on a family farm. Having this base was instrumental in the success of the holiday. Whilst this was a family farm, there were plenty of farm stays/book a bach type houses available also.

It goes without saying that they had Travel Insurance for this trip, of course we recommend that anyone heading to New Zealand has travel insurance.

They were after a simple holiday and managed to get one in spades, whilst still getting in plenty of visits to wineries in the Martinborough area. hiring a car was super easy, familiarity of being on the same side of the road, signs being in English all added to the convenience of the trip, traversing the Rimutaka range provided all the challenges a family needed a holiday.

River swimming was a new experience for the kids, not being near the coast meant that pulling up on the side of a river and having a dip (freezing!) was a fun event. New Zealand really does need  to invest in some sand for the  river banks though, negotiating the  stones was  not overly pleasant!

The  rivers weren’t theonly source  of  fun, the surprisingly interesting train museum in Featherston. Wellington of course is the home to Te Papa a place you can easily spend hours taking in all the culture.

Talk of trips to Bali and Fiji were long gone just a few days into this fun and remarkably simple holiday.

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