Aug 7, 2016

Go and explore Israel
Israel Travel Insurance

Israel Travel Insurance

Exploring the world is what vacationing is all about and Israel is a very special place to travel to. Here are some ideas on what to see and do.

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Jerusalem and Tel Aviv are two of the more popular cities that people visit while they are in Israel. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and while it is a city that people go to in order to worship, there is so much more available to see and do. Tel Aviv is located on the Mediterranean coast and there are many beaches available there.

In Jerusalem, many people enjoy visiting the Old City which was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1981. Within Old City, people can go to the Dome of the Rock, the Temple Mount, the Western Wall and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. The Old City is currently divided into four quarters including the Muslim Quarter, Christian Quarter, Armenian Quarter and the Jewish Quarter.

The Israel Museum has many different exhibits available for people to see and it has been a popular destination since 1965. There is an urn shaped building called the Shrine of the Book and this is where the Dead Sea Scrolls and other artifacts from Masada can be found. The Israel Museum is one of the largest museums in all of the Middle East.

In Tel Aviv, visitors can see the site where Israel’s Declaration of Independence was signed at Independence Hall. Independence Hall was originally the Dizengoff House and the house was renovated and turned into the Tel Aviv Museum of Art in 1932. Once the Museum of Art moved to a new location, the new Independence Hall was opened.

Yarkon Park is a beautiful destination in Tel Aviv. The Yarkon River goes through the park and millions of people visit every year. There are multiple lakes, botanical gardens and an aviary inside the park, which was opened to the public in 1973. There are six gardens include the Fallen Soldiers Memorial Garden, the Terror Victims Memorial Garden, the Rock Garden, the Cactus Garden, the Trimmed Garden and the Tropical Garden.

The Tel Aviv Promenade is divided into many sections that all link together along the beach to form this large promenade. The original goal of the promenade was to separate walkers from the bathers however bathing was banned in the water for many years.

Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are very beautiful cities and people learn a lot about different cultures, traditions and religions while visiting the area. Everyone should be able to find something that they are interested in while visiting Israel, because there are so many unique features and attractions located within the country.

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