Sep 1, 2014

Five Travel Mistakes You Could be Making

Five Travel Mistakes You Could be Making

Holidays should be about relaxing.

But if you’re too relaxed, you might find yourself in trouble. Read on to learn the common mistakes many tourists are making, and how you can avoid them.


If the free Wifi at your hotel or in a public meeting place seems too good to be true, it probably is. Your data, such as your banking passwords and account information, is vulnerable when you log-in over unsecured Wifi, which may not be coming from the hotel whose name it shares. Hackers and data thieves often set up ‘free’ networks near popular tourist areas in the hope that people will just assume it’s from an authorised source. Ask your hotel about the internet available, and whether it is password protected.

Watch Out

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With tourists a target of muggings and pickpocketing, one of the common mistakes people make is to wear expensive (or even expensive looking) watches. Wearing a shiny watch is an easy way to catch the attention of thieves, and suggests that your pocket might be worth picking. Make sure you leave your more expensive items at home, always resist the lure of purchasing fakes (which, apart from being criminal, can result in hefty on the spot fines) and perhaps use your phone to tell the time when overseas.

Over Exposure

It’s important to respect local customs, particularly when it comes to what you wear. Not only will you risk missing out on many amazing tourist attractions if you choose to wear singlet tops or bare too much skin, in some countries too much exposure can be offensive and result in a legal or cultural dilemma. To avoid embarrassment or disappointment, be sure to check with local guides. Carrying a light shawl just in case is always advisable.

Locked Luggage

If US customs want to search in your luggage, but they can’t access it, you might arrive to find your expensive suitcase cracked open. The Transport Security Administration (TSA) reserves the right to inspect any cases, and to avoid your luggage being damaged, it’s recommended that you only use TSA accepted locks (for which customs has a universal skeleton key). Similar rules apply to other countries, so be sure to check with local travel advisories prior to leaving.

Too Much Trust Can Affect Travel Insurance

Whether you are staying 5-star or on a budget, you can never be too trusting of the security your room offers. Leaving valuables out in your room (rather than in your safe or in a locked and secure suitcase) is risky, and often the hotel will take no responsibility for items missing from you room. Always keep your valuables secure, or better still, leave them at home.

Know someone who is about to travel? You might want to share this list with them, so they can enjoy a safer, more relaxing trip.

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By Keeva Stratton

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