Jul 29, 2014

Fiji A Perfect Tropical Holiday | Travel Tips 

Imagine the friendliest place in the world. Now add Coconut trees, white sand, crystal clear water, sun, cocktails and mandatory relaxation – in a tropical paradise.

Travel Insurance Fiji

Imagine the friendliest place in the world. Now add Coconut trees, white sand, crystal clear water, sun, cocktails and mandatory relaxation – in a tropical paradise.

Fiji is blessed with 333 tropical islands.  Many of these islands make for the perfect holiday, as you can choose from affordable accommodation or exclusive 5 star resorts.  Famous for its surfing, diving, beaches and pristine natural environment, Fiji is also a leader in eco-tourism.

With a relatively short flight and great value for money, many Australian’s return year after year.

Time stands still in Fiji

For some unexplained reason, the days seem longer and one week feels like two. Perhaps it’s the stark contrast to our everyday lives and as our stresses drift away, so too does the concept of watching the clock.

Diving Fiji and a Travel Insurance Tip


Dive in turquoise waters and on coral reefs that are teeming with an amazing variety of colourful tropical fish. Choose a relaxing dive in the calm inner reef waters or explore the famous outer Malolo Barrier reef where dolphins, turtles and large fish are your dive companions.  What’s more, the water temperature averages 27°C.  There are too many options to list, but with a bit of research, you will not be disappointed.

Most travel insurance companies cover diving, but for the cover to be valid, most require you to hold a diving license and adhere to depth limitations – be sure to check your Product Disclosure Statement.

Surfing Fiji

You can surf all year round in Fiji and some of the best waves in the world are on offer. There are 2 distinct surf periods, and they align to the wet & dry seasons. The best swells coming from the southerly fronts associated with the dry season which occurs from March to October. Note, larger surf is common, which can get up to 8 to 12 feet.



Storms between November and March also produce some excellent waves and are generally associated with shorter swells. The conditions are ‘tropical’ with light winds, extremely hot temperatures and frequent afternoon showers.

Navua River Village & Kava Ceremony Tour including Lunch

Many travel guides recommend you take a leisurely boat trip up the Navua River, passing traditional villages and through untouched beauty of waterfalls and gorges, join in a Kava ceremony, enjoy a Fijian lunch and swim in the fresh mountain water on a full-day tour.

Hike to the Falls of Taveuni

Located just off Vanua Levu’s Islands east coast is Taveuni Island. Known as Fiji’s Garden of Eden, it abounds with rare orchids, prehistoric tree ferns, pristine waterfalls and natural waterslides. Don’t miss the three Tavoro Waterfalls, a 60-foot horsetail of whitewater that cascades into an emerald pool and is easily accessible via a flat, grassy trail.

Yasawa Islands Sea Kayaking

The Yasawa Islands are a sea kayaker’s delight where you leisurely paddle for 3-4 hours per day. It is a region of sparkling tropical waters and white sandy beaches fringed by coral reefs. Tours tend to be 4-5 days and a wonderful experience combined with snorkeling, visiting traditional villages and relaxing on palm lined beaches.

Island Resorts


With too many to mention, you must spend some time online and talking to friends who have been to Fiji.  There are great package deals that cater for everyone.  Most packages include flights, accommodation and meals.  Family friendly resorts also include access to their Kids Club – which kids typically adore and do not want to leave!

Travel Tip

Make sure any pre-booked tours are within convenient travelling distance from your accommodation – especially if you are staying on an island.

When to go to Fiji

The best time to visit is during the dry season, from May to October. This time of year is pleasant with lower rainfall, less humidity and milder temperatures. Consequently these six months make up the high season, when airfare and accommodation prices are at their highest, with costs peaking in June and July.

Fiji’s wet season is from November to April, with the heaviest rains falling from December to mid-April. This is also tropical cyclone season – but fortunately they are a rare occurrence in Fiji. The country is subject to an average of 10 to 12 cyclones per decade, with only two or three of those being severe.

Weather in Fiji

Fiji has a mild average temperature of 25°C, however it can climb to above 30°C in summer (December and January) and sink to 18°C in winter (July and August).

Travel Insurance for Fiji


Even in a tropical paradise, the unexpected can happen.  And the unexpected can be inconvenient and expensive.  Travel Insurance Plus offers quality travel insurance for less than you might expect.  You can purchase affordable cover that will include unlimited medical and emergency assistance, lost luggage, travel delay, flight cancelations plus much more.

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If you are comparing Fiji to other tropical destinations, read about Bali and Thailand.

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