May 13, 2015

Family skiing holidays, an insurers nightmare

Come on, let us all be honest with each other from the start. None of us are professional skiers.

We all need travel insurance for our skiing holidays!

But, we need travel insurance for more reasons than just the 1000 tumbles into the rock hard icy snow that seems to greet us every year – despite all the sales photos showing wonderful powder snow, with skiers cutting fantastic turns sending snow spray elegantly into the air.

Have a think about all the things that can happen on your skiing holiday that are out of your control, but can absolutely affect you, your plans, your return and of course your safety.

They are many.

– In many European resorts you are reliant on single road access, these are easily cut off
– Who needs an Icelandic volcano shutting down the European skies once again!
– Ice on airport runways, not a surprise to your average skiing enthusiast
– Your ski gear gets broken in the hold, bye bye $3000 ski’s

The above are our of our control but they do absolutely affect you, your family and your holiday. Think they don’t? So you are snowed into your Swiss village, you miss your flights, you have to wait for another 4 days for a flight.

You need to book new ones, they cost more, you are late for your return to work, you lose earnings due to your status.

Then there are the medical benefits of having travel insurance on a skiing holiday – but they are so obvious – it isn’t worth comentating on them!

The family skiing holiday is an essential, so is your travel insurance.


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