Sep 16, 2014

Do you need travel insurance?

Travel insurance should be front of mind.

Travel Insurance | Protect Yourself

It may seem like an extra expense until you consider what can go wrong when travelling. Following is a list of some common claims travel insurance companies pay and demonstrate why travel insurance is necessary.

  • You come down with an illness the day before you’re scheduled to fly out on your holiday.  You have to cancel or delay your trip. Travel insurance will refund your out of pocket expenses.
  • While enjoying lunch in Rome your bag containing your wallet and passport gets stolen. Travel insurance will provide you with emergency money and help organise the replacement of your passport and credit cards.
  • You may be travelling in an exotic but remote tropical paradise when you unexpectedly break an ankle and there are no adequate medical facilities. Your insurance policy will arrange a medical evacuation and cover related expenses.
  • You suffer food poisoning when in Thailand but don’t speak the local language. Emergency assistance will help you locate an English speaking doctor.
  • A winter blizzard causes your flights to be cancelled.  You then miss your connecting flight, can’t stay at your prepaid accommodation and your tour leaves without you. Travel insurance will reimburse the money for the unused portion of your trip, and help make new travel arrangements.
  • Airlines still lose luggage! While you wait for your luggage to arrive, you will need clothes, toiletries and maybe even replacement medication. If your luggage does not arrive you will need to replace your luggage and personal effects.  Quality cover typically provides a benefit of $10,000 for lost and unrecoverable luggage

According to Smart Traveller, hospital bills in Asia can exceed $800 per day and medical evacuations even exceed $60,000. Also, medical evacuations from the USA range between $75,000 and $95,000 (sometimes up to $300,000).

Travel insurance should not be viewed as an optional extra.  

You can purchase travel insurance for less than you might expect.  Online providers offer the same quality comprehensive and budget products as travel agents, but at significantly lower prices.

Travel Insurance Plus

We are 100% Australian owned. Plus our service and claims centres are based in Brisbane, QLD. Plus our head office is based in North Sydney, NSW. So you can be sure to be understood if your caught up the creek without a paddle…

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