Oct 5, 2015

Diving Holidays in Fiji

Known as the “Soft Coral Capital of the World”, Fiji is a top scuba diving destination. There are famous resorts and liveaboard vacations here in this island paradise. Here are some of the highlights of a diving holiday in Fiji.

Fiji has several top locations for diving and visitors can stay in just one resort or a combination. Diving occurs all year round and the winter months from July to December are when the water is clearer due to the cooler temperatures around 25C. During April and May when the plankton blooms more whales are attracted to the waters around Fiji. One of the best dive sites on Fiji is Beqa Lagoon. This is just south of Viti Levu and the diving sites here include soft corals, wrecks, and pinnacles.

Always have travel Insurance for your Scuba diving trips.

Taveuni and the Coral Sea is another popular destination for scuba divers. The Somosomo Strait runs past the Garden Island and the area is renowned for its soft coral displays. These waters are full of nutrients and so there are many marine species to spot whilst diving here. At Viti Levu the dive site at Rakiraki is famed for its abundance of marine species. It is also a good place to spot sharks, especially off Pacific Harbour. The reefs here are spectacular too. One of the other good dive sites is at Kadavu which is quite a distance from the main Fijian resorts but worth the journey. The Great Astrolabe Reef is one of the finest dives here and the whole area is very unspoilt.

One of the best things about a diving holiday in Fiji is that it is suitable for beginners as well as more advanced divers. It can also be combined with other activities and sightseeing making this a top destination for an action packed holiday.

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