Jun 26, 2015

Cruises and Travel Insurance

The question you are probably asking yourself is: I am going on a Cruise, do I need Travel insurance?

The answer, unsurprisingly is: Yes.

The question is a sensible one, you may be leaving Sydney harbour and heading on a pleasant trip around the pacific Islands for 10 days, what could possibly go wrong???

Being on a massive ship and these ships are massive, floating cities almost, gives the traveler the false sense of security. There are still plenty of places where things can go a little wrong and don’t think for one second that they can’t.

Whether it is a bout of food poisoning or a fall down the steps resulting in a nasty cut or worse, these things can happen.

Especially if the passenger is in the seniors range.

One oft overlooked benefit of Travel Insurance is for families at home, if there is a need for repatriation having Travel Insurance can become a god send. We were talking to a friend who lost a family member in China without Travel Insurance, the cost almost broke them.

To put yourself and your family at ease when you take a Cruise, press the “get a quote” button on this page and let us show you how you can get peace of mind when you are on your cruise.

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