Jul 14, 2015

Cruise Travel Insurance for Seniors

Travel insurance | CruisingCruise travel insurance is one of our most popular products here on Travelinsuranceplus.com.au

We even have a specialised Cruise Travel Insurance page on our site.

Cruisers are popular with Seniors (or Boomers as some people like to say) for a number of reasons:

– They are good value
– They operate at the speed that you want them too
– The scheduling of events through the day and evening allows you to pick and chose wisely
– Lots of like minded people onboard

Cruising is also about the destination and always without the gruelling flights, an elderly relative of one of our staff has just returned from a trip to Scilly and the UK, they have vowed not to go overseas again as the flight was too hard. Cruising simply does not have this issue for Seniors.

Of course, there is the reality of the situation to be dealt with. You are getting older or your family member travelling is getting older and a small fall which years ago would have been brushed off with a laugh now becomes a serious life event.

Travel Insurance for seniors, whether on a cruise or not really is essential. Here at TravelInsurancePlus we are ready to help you out. If you press the “get a quote” button we will be able to provide you with a competitive quote for your or your family members cruise.

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