Oct 23, 2015

Bangkok, Brilliant
Thailand holiday insurance

Thailand holiday insurance

Bangkok is chaotic, crowded, humid, and one of the most fantastic cities in the world to visit. If you have just arrived in Bangkok or planning a trip, you need inside information.

Bangkok Clubs and Associations

Your first step should be making contact with one of the clubs for foreign visitors to Bangkok. This will prepare you with the latest news and tips for things to do and see.

Special Things to Do and See In Bangkok

Bangkok Transportation

The best way to get around in a safe and efficient manner while in Bangkok is the Bangkok Sky Train, aka BTS. This elevated mode of transportation is easy to use, easy to find and, best of all inexpensive.

For the more adventerous, the motorbike taxis are heart attack stuff!

Temple Tip – Wat Rong Khun

There are many beautiful temples to see in the Bangkok area. This temple is beautiful, unusual, and to most visitors quite creepy. You may get a slight surprise at every twist and turn as you wander through the temple. I won’t explain further as this is a temple which deserves better than spoiler as an introduction.

Meet the Fockers – Bangkok Style

If you want to meet some local Bangkok citizens up close and personal you should go to the park. In Lumpini Park, local residents exercise and enjoy lake activities.

There are many sport activity areas. Later in the afternoon and sometimes in evenings there are some special activities. You might encounter people enjoying ballroom dancing or Jazz concerts. On weekends, you will find a somewhat secret farmer’s market.

Special Accommodations – Only the Best Will Do

The Oriental hotel has amazed, and pampered, visitors to Bangkok for more than 135 years. Located on the Chao Phraya River this hotel is a legend. The quality of service, accommodations, and cuisine are incomparable. The Oriental also has one of the most beautiful, and accommodating, spas in Asia. For visitors skittish about trying local food, the Oriental is the best place to put away your fears.

The concierge at the Oriental can provide the best seasonal advice on Bangkok activities. They can also arrange more things to do than you can imagine. If you are sceptical, please believe and ask them for the impossible. Then sit back and prepare to be amazed.

As with any trip to Thailand Travel Insurance is an absolute must. Press the get a quote button on this page for peace of mind on your trip.

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