Aug 25, 2015

Bali, year round fun
Bali Travel Insurance

Bali Travel Insurance

As one of the top visitor destinations in Indonesia Bali has a lot to offer. This is an idyllic destination with beaches and a warm welcome for visitors. Take a look at what can be packed into a Balinese vacation. 

Bali is renowned for its beaches and people come here for relaxation and the water sports. The Bukit Peninsula is renowned for surfing beaches and sees huge waves roll in from the ocean. Balangan beach is one of the best known and has accommodation actually on the shoreline.

Ulu Watu is famed both for its surf and for the famous temple here and is on the South West Tip of the Bukit Peninsula. Kuta Beach in Southern Bali is another popular place with visitors. Bali has a lot of cultural attractions. For art the Sukyf Art and Arch is an excellent gallery in Canggyu. Bali also has some famous temples. The Vihara Dharmaniya Temple is a Buddhist shrine and one of the landmarks on Bali. Pura Petitenget in Seminyak is another famous religious site on Bali.

In Bali there are lots of activities from hiring bikes to learning to surf. You can have a wide range of beauty treatments at the various spas in the main resorts and visitors can also learn to cook Balinese style. Some of the other attractions in Bali include seeing puppet shows which are intricately carved and a traditional event here. Bali also has a lot of bars in the main resorts and some great restaurants.

You’ll find Balinese as well as international cuisine and the bars often have live music. Kuta and Seminyak also have some night clubs that are popular with tourists. Bali can be as tranquil or as lively as you like and there is something to keep most people entertained on a vacation to this beautiful part of Indonesia.

Of course, on your holiday to Bali, Travel Insurance is a must – let us give you a quote and show you have reasonable peace of mind can be.

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