Jan 2, 2016

Bali beach holidays
Bali Travel Insurance

Bali Travel Insurance

Bali has a reputation for being a wind surfer’s paradise and a cultural haven for people who appreciate spirituality. However, the beauty of Bali is in its people, adherence to tradition and its varied landscapes.

The island is situated 8 degrees south of the equator and surrounded by coral reefs. You’ll enjoy dry, low humidity on the beaches as long as you avoid monsoon season, which takes place October to April.

There are no shortages of beautiful accommodations, however; beach vacations can vary distinctly in their culture, commerce and clientele based on where they are.

Nusa Dua (South)

Nua Dua is a mass tourism enclave where the Balinese are actually restricted by law. Many of the hotels large, offer numerous amenities and are managed by large Chain hotel groups. The area was built for the all-inclusive client. The coast spans the beachfronts of several five-star resorts. Nusa Dua will have the greatest variety of accommodations, shopping and restaurants, authentic cultural shows—all close to the airport.

Amed (East)

Amed was once the preferred location for the hippie class. These days the cheap thatched bungalows have been replaced with a lot of good low to mid priced hotels and villas. Very little to do besides relax, dive and snorkel.

Kuta (Nearest Capital)

If you are looking for something more celebratory, check out Kuta. There are some really good restaurants, shops and places to stay. You’ll also have the best chance to interact with the colorful locals and witness one of the most beautiful and romantic sunsets on the island.

There are also a few small islands with beautiful beaches, accessible by boat for day excursions.

As with any trip to Bali travel Insurance is a key part of your trip.

Nusa Penida’s Crystal Bay was named for the sand, top-notch windsailing on Nusa Lembongan and the thrill seekers island of Nusa Ceningan, accessible by a rickety suspension bridge that connects it with Lembongan, where you can visit the stunning Blue Lagoon with numerous vantage points to watch the more daring dive off the craggy reefs into the stiff white peaks below.

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