May 27, 2015

Backpacking through Europe

It is like a right of passage: The backpacking trip through Europe, with the obligatory 3 months in a shared damp and smelly terraced house in Fulham, London.

We have all done it in one form or another.

Backpacking adventures

For some reading this it will be as the young person filled with excitement at what adventures lie in front of them.

For others it will be read through the eyes of experience and all that can happen, both good and bad. Hopefully more of the former than the latter.

For the uninitiated, go have fun, be safe, be prepared and take the sensible choice.

For the experienced, make sure you take out travel insurance for the uninitiated!

Nobody who is surviving on $30 a day needs to be scratching around for more hours at the cafe because someone in their share house stole their card and used it. Falling asleep on the train to Lyon and having your backpack stolen is no fun either.

Backpacking through Europe is a wonderful experience, something all people should do. It is fun, it is a continent of history and culture and pickpockets.

Getting replacement clothes, tickets, passports etc… costs time and money. Make the process a little easier by taking out the right type of travel insurance for the backpacker in your life.

Get a quote for your backpacker insurance by using the quote button on this page, you will be surprised by just how reasonable it can be.

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