Oct 14, 2014

Backpacking Spain

Backpacking Spain: Trains to Travel Insurance

Spain is a backing packing mecca! If you are backpacking Europe, then you have to visit Spain.

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Getting Around Spain

The good news is Spain is quite easy to explore, the rail network is relatively easy to navigate and is reliable. Also, the buses are a great alternative for shorter trips. RENFE is Spain’s Flexible Train Pass and has connections between Madrid and most major cities. That said, if you are travelling through other European countries you might want to look into getting a more universal travel pass, like Eurail.

The weather in Spain is generally good. It is a little cooler in the northern parts of the country compared to the hotter and drier south. Summer can be extremely hot, and that explains why Spaniards tend to have an afternoon siesta. Most backpacker find a local bar to cool down or a beach to work on their tan.

What to do in Spain

Spain is divided into four regions, with each region having something unique to offer the backpacker.

The Pamplona region hosts the San Fermins Festival and where to go if you wish to experience Spanish Bullfights.

The Northeast includes the sunny Balearic Islands and Catalunya.
The Balearic Islands are an archipelago of Spain in the western Mediterranean Sea, near the eastern coast of the Iberian Peninsula. The Lonely Planet describes them as floating serenely in the glittering Mediterranean.

Mallorca is the senior island, combining a little of everything, from spectacular mountain scenery and hiking through to the standard sea ‘n’ sun seaside tourism.
Ibiza is synonymous with clubbing, the island that gave Europe the rave.

Menorca is a haven of tranquillity – splendid isolated beaches and coves, and prehistoric monuments standing as taciturn reminders of how small we are in the grand scheme of things. And tiny Formentera, a chill-out island, where some people lose themselves for the entire summer, needing little more to keep them happy than white beaches and sunset parties.

The Northeastern region also includes Barcelona (a must visit), one of Spain’s most celebrated and popular cities.

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Galicia is the northwest corner of the country and from here Portugal is just a short drive away. Andalucia is the most historic part of the country and contains cities such as Granada and Sevilla. There are plenty of museums and monuments to help you understand the country’s rich history.

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Spain has a whole range backpacking experiences:

You have to visit the local tapas bars. Tapas bars serve assorted dishes of local specialities which are normally eaten as a snack and washed down with a local beer or sangria.
Visit the Basque Country with its stunning scenery, and three major cities Vitoria, Bilbao and San Sebastian, each has its own attractions where you can find the true sense of Spanish life.

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Sun & Surf! The coastline along the Costa del Sol is dotted with awesome beaches with a range of accommodation, markets, restaurants and pubs. Or if you are after party mayhem then head to the Spanish Islands.

Where to stay

Accommodation is easy to find; Spain has a very well organised hostel network. REAJ is the Spanish hostel network and has information on over 200 hostels throughout the country.

Most can only be booked once you have reached Spain but there are nearly always rooms available. Of course, if there is a major event coinciding with your visit, then try and phone ahead. There are always hotels available but these are more expensive. A great experience, is to stay in the “Pensiones” which are similar to the Australian bed and breakfast. They are a great midway price option, when compared to hotels and hostels.

Spanish Medical Facilities

The health care is good, especially in the towns and cities. Taking out comprehensive travel insurance should guarantee you a good standard of treatment in local medical facilities.

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