Jul 24, 2015

Asahidake Hokkaido, Powder skiing in Japan
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Asahidake in Hokkaido, what can you say? If you love skiing you will love this place.

It is not your normal ski field, nestled in the Daisetsuzan National Park this is very much skiing as it used to be. Simply, a back country ski field that can be accessed via cable car.

Once you get there, it is all about the powder, and boy is there some, it is like the stuff of dreams or even what you see in ski movies. Due to this mountain being inland the powder isnt ruined by the ocean air and stays very cold and very dry. it doesn’t hurt that there is greater than 12 metres of the stuff dropped here every year.

Best time to ski Asahidake Hokkaido?

In the middle of the Japanese winter, when the heavy falls occur. That said, these are not novice runs, you need to know what you are doing.

Of course being a travel insurance company, we would be greatly appreciative if you are heading over to Asahidake, then you take out some Travel Insurance, skiing has it’s pitfalls and if you are in a reasonably remote place and need help. it gets expensive – QUICKLY.

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