Nov 13, 2014

Alliance Travel Insurance

Save up to 50% on Alliance Travel Insurance. Alliance travel insurance does not need to be expensive and many Australian’s are paying too much for quality travel insurance. Travel Insurance Plus is committed to low prices. 

Alliance travel insurance is typically an association between travel agents and airlines. Agents and airlines earn high commissions resulting in expensive travel insurance. We don’t have to pay agent or airline commissions and with most of our business web based, we can keep our prices low and cover quality high.

You can compare our travel insurance options 

Travel Insurance Plus offers a range of policy types for overseas travel; we have insurance packages for singles and families, for one-off trips and frequent travellers. We also understand that quality cover at a fair price is what matters most. Compare our options here.

What Travel Insurance Plus covers?

•Emergency medical & hospital

•Luggage and personal effects

•Travel delay expenses

•Cancellation fees & lost deposits

•Computers, cameras and mobile phones

Plus more depending on the plan you purchase. Read our Product Disclosure Statement for full terms and conditions, including limits and exclusions that may apply.

Quality travel insurance for less than Alliance Travel Insurance

At Travel Insurance Plus, we’re about value and quality. We offer a range of quality travel insurance products at a fair price—less than you might expect. As a direct travel insurance option, this helps keep our premiums low, without skimping on your cover.

•Provide quality cover at great prices

•Are 100% Australian owned & have an Australian based customer and claims centre

•Deliver fast, fair and efficient claims

•Offer 24/7 emergency assistance provided by Allianz Global Assistance

•Offer a reliable and friendly service.

Overseas Travel – Some quick facts

8 million Australian’s travel internationally each year to discover new and exciting destinations. We don’t tend to consider the consequences of not having travel insurance. Significant costs of uninsured medical emergency care or other circumstances like travel delays, and lost or damaged luggage. No cover in any language means the same thing – big bill., advises hospitalisation in Southeast Asia regularly exceeds $800 per day. Medical evacuations from the United States or Europe often range between $75,000 and $95,000 (and in rare cases, upwards to $300,000) plus medical evacuations from Bali range from $30,000 to $60,000..

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