Aug 10, 2016

Adventure travel in South America
South America adventure travel insurance

South America adventure travel insurance

Who doesn’t love travelling?

Travelling is one of the most beloved hobby around the world. People will go miles away from their homes just to witness natural or man made beauty of the earth.

Lately the number of travelers have increased dramatically and most people are choosing their holidays in South America because of the adventure and exotic locations in that region.

Below, are some top rated adventures travelling spots in South America.

1. Lake Titicacu, Peru
If your adventure includes witnessing the milky way through your own eyes instead of a camera, this is the place for you. It is considered to be the most romantic spot because of the scenic beauty all around.

2. Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia
This place is known as the place where land meets sky, the perfect illusion of the natural atmosphere. Salar De Uyuni was one of the top ratted place to visit in 2014 and most people did not know about it, the lake where the illusion occurs have a steady place to walk which makes it even more heavenly. People who look for places to please their eyes, this is your dome.

3. Machu Picchu, Peru
Most people who have an interest in history would opt to go there because of its intense historical preserves, which thousands of people to explore every year. It not only lets you experience a whole civilization but also the view on top of the mountain which is breath taking.

4. Swing at the end of the world, Ecuador
You are an adrenaline junkie this is the place for your adventure, Ecuador is famous for its steamy mountains and obviously the swing which literally lets you experience a ride at the edge of the world. Not only that Ecuador is also famous for its exquisite beaches and its arts and crafts.

5. World most dangerous road, Bolivia
This is not for the faint hearted, this Bolivian road is considered the scariest road to somewhere because of its creepy and very narrow turns. Plus, the road leads you to a mountain top which motivates you to move forward but many call it the last ride because those humps and bumps might lead up to a ditch. Nevertheless, there are trained driver around the area which makes the trip possible and surely the experience would fulfill your adrenaline rush.

6. Chile
Mmany people have not explored Chile because if they had, they would definitely have this country on the top of their list for their adventure. Chile has some awesome places to explore such as the Easter Island, a historic preserve and a fantasy come true for explorers but if that does not fulfill your need for exploration move towards Torres Del Paine from where your hiking adventure would begin. That place has some of the best looking mountains in the world, dangerous to hike but it worth the effort.

These are some of the best South American adventure spots, although many people chose to go to Europe or Asia but the truth it South American is not some region to ignore.

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