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Scotland is one of the most scenic and welcoming countries in the United Kingdom. Renowned for being the mother of golf, Scotland is a country with a rich historical past, unique culture and dramatic geography. It is also one of the most popular backpacking travel destinations in Europe, yet often overlooked by tourists exploring the United Kingdom. If you are planning a trip to this beautiful country, here are some of the interesting things to do during your visit.


Drink Whisky…Responsibly

Renowned for being the national drink of the Scottish people, whisky is found in every pub, bar, restaurant and household throughout the country. There are many high quality distilleries scattered throughout Scotland. Scotland has 5 distinct whisky regions and no single malt from any region has the same taste. That said, if you want to consolidate your whisky itinerary – then perhaps the best place to sample great tasting whisky, is by taking trip a to Aberdeen. The city of Aberdeen is home to many distilleries and most are within walking distances of each other. Buying whisky in Scotland is cheaper when compared to the prices we pay in Australia.

Scottish Whiskey

Travel Insurance TIP & Whisky

Common sense still applies when you are overseas, including for travel insurance claims. If alcohol is a factor, you may not be covered. For instance, you would not be covered for insurance if driving under the influence of alcohol. For frequently asked travel insurance questions click here.

Enjoy Amazing Sporting Activities

Travellers are often surprised by the array, prominence and importance of the many sporting activities Scotland has on offer. Football (soccer) is a national pastime and if you are able to secure tickets to a local derby, then you will witness elite football played to a stadium of fanatical fans cheering and signing in unison. Of course, the most famous Scottish sporting activity is the game of golf, which is believed to have originated from here. In Scotland, you will find some of the world’s most prominent golf courses. There are over 500 golf courses scattered across the country. But more about golf later…

Another popular sport in Scotland that is easy and most enjoyable for the intrepid traveller to partake is cycling. There are many incredible riding tracks and routes in this beautiful country – including the Galloway region, Glencoe and the Isle of Skye. Whether cycling for an afternoon or several days, we recommend you research cycling tracks/tours for the region you are staying.

If you are more energetic, you may want to also research and try Heavy Athletics. These type of games will tax your muscle and stamina and are not for the feint hearted. Examples include sheaf tossing, hammer, weight and stone throwing.

Play Golf, No Matter Your Skill Level

Travel Insurance for Scotland

As mentioned, Scotland is the birthplace of the wonderful yet extremely challenging game. It is here you will find the hallowed fairways and greens of St Andrews, often referred to as the “home of golf”. There are over 7 golf courses that offer golfers the opportunity to enjoy an array of courses that cater for most skill levels. The most popular amongst these golf courses is the Old Course, which prides itself as ‘the’ championship course and ‘the’ most renowned golf course in the world. If you are a non-golfer, never mind, you can still visit and stroll many of the scenic courses. For instance, there are courses that on a Sunday, no games are scheduled. Another amazing championship golf course worth exploring is the Catnoutsie golf course.

Take a Trip To Edinburgh Whilst In Scotland

Glasgow | Travel Insurance Plus

The capital city, Edinburgh is among the most frequented tourist destination in Scotland. With a population of over 400,000 people, Edinburgh is a place to find the perfect mix of ancient and modern Scotland, which creates a totally unique atmosphere. Beautifully constructed hotel accommodations, ancient castles and buildings, vibrant nightlife all make Edinburgh a top tourist destination. The most popular attractions of this awe-inspiring city include the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the National Gallery of Scotland, the Royal Mile Street, the Royal Museum, and the Edinburgh Castle to name but a few.

Visit Glasgow

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The biggest city in Scotland, Glasgow is famous for being a shopper’s paradise and also the second most visited destination in the UK for shopping after London. There are a wide range of shops from which you can choose. For those times when the weather is not friendly (most of winter), the city has made provision for some excellent indoor shopping centers that include the St Enoch Centre and the Buchanan Galleries. For those pleasant days, great outdoor shopping centers include Buchanan Street, Argyle Street and Sauchiehall Street. Besides being home to some of Scotlands best shopping centers, the city of Glasgow is endowed with countless number of outstanding attractions including the Bothwel Castle, The Pollock House, the Scotland Street School Museum, St. Mungo Museum Religious Life and lot more.

If you want to experience a scenic destination that mixes medieval with the modern age, then Scotland coud be the travel destination for you. A pleasant climate during spring and summer, friendly people,the highlands, entertaining night life and great attractions, makes Scotland a top tourist attraction. If you are looking for a perfect place to experience relaxing moments, enjoy great tasting whisky and experience a warm and vibrant culture, then you should consider visiting Scotland.

Travel Insurance for Scotland

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