Jan 2, 2015

A quick travel Guide for Iceland

The unique landscape of Iceland urges the intrepid traveller to explore a country that abounds in unrivalled natural beauty. Given the lack of large densely populated cities, the natural scenery of Iceland is untouched and has remained so during the passage of time. It is this uniqueness that attracts wilderness and adventure tourism.

You could easily spend a month exploring this island by driving the Ring Road highway and its various offshoots or simply spend some time in any corner of the country, and explore that area deeply.

Iceland is full of natural parks. In fact, the entire island could be considered an enormous nature reserve that offers world class and endless hiking options – all with there own unique charm. It is best to contact local operators/guides who can suggest the best trails for a particular time of year and fitness level.

Iceland Hike

This is a quick travel guide to provide a starting point for your Iceland research.

Iceland where the sun never sets

Midsummer is an interesting time to visit Iceland, as the sun never seems to fully set. The best place to see this phenomenon is the island of Grimsey. Many tourists take advantage of the extended daylight to maximize their sightseeing and hiking experiences – just make sure that your accommodation has blackout curtains so you can get some sleep!

Natural Springs of Iceland

There are many natural springs to visit, as Iceland is an active geothermic region. A popular spring is only an hour drive from Reykjavik – the Blue Lagoon. It is popular with locals as you can bathe all year round – whatever the weather. It is said a dip in the mineral rich waters will revitalise and rejuvenate your body.

Natural Spring Iceland

Iceland has many National Parks & Natural Wonders

Þingvellir national park, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and adjoins the North Atlantic Ocean. You can dive in stunning Silfra canyon that abounds with sea life. Gullfoss Waterfall is the largest and most impressive waterfall in Iceland, it is a double waterfall and is also located in the canyon which is formed by the river Hvítá. You should also visit Strokkur, the most active geyser in the region that shoots water to a height of 30 meters.

Landmannalaugar Nature Reserve is a geothermal wonderland where you can enjoy hiking, camping and mountain a vista of rare beauty that displays a magnificent spectrum of colors. Vast lava fields surround the area fringed by the Rhyolite Mountains and a trip to Iceland wouldn’t be complete without visiting this wonderful nature reserve.

The Aurora Borealis is simply stunning and something that can only be experienced in the northern regions of the Northern Hemisphere. It is best seen in autumn, although if conditions are right it can sometimes be viewed in winter and spring. Of course the main prerequisite is that the night sky is clear.

Northern Lights

Accommodation in Iceland

Accommodation deals range from expensive hotels and holiday homes to affordable camping. Grand Hotel Reykjavik and Hotel Borg are popular 4 star destinations. Akranes, Akureyri and Berunes are hostels where the backpacker can stay on a budget.


Rafting, glacier walks, skiing, horseback riding, snorkeling, walking on the lava fields or simply admiring the wild nature in its entire splendor – these are just a few possibilities for Icelandic leisure. Iceland affords a unique experience that is near impossible to replicate and will provide you with a lifetime of wonderful memories.

Travel Insurance for Iceland – just in case…

When travelling to far away destinations such as Iceland, it is wise to make sure you are covered for travel delays, tour and accomdations cancellations. Sometimes, circumstances outside of your control, such as injury or illness of a family memeber can require a trip be delayed or cancelled. Travel Insurance not only covers you for unexpected medical and hospital expenses but for lost deposits and much more.

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