Dec 14, 2014

A Quick Guide For Mykonos

Over the past 25 years or so, this once poor Greek island is now one of the trendiest, picturesque, sun-drenched island in the Aegean. For many years now, the Cycladic island welcomes anyone who likes to party to sunrise or just lay on one of its many beautiful beaches.


When to go

Mykonos is extremely crowded between July and August. There is a mix of backpackers, party goers and cruise-ship tourists that can add an additional 15,000 people a day.

The shoulder seasons are a better time to visit if you prefer less people. In both spring and autumn you will find better prices for accommodation. The countryside landscape is still green, the sea is warm, but the crowds have not arrived. That said, by late September many facilities close down, the weather worsens plus transport frequency is reduced.

Visas Requirements

Australians can stay for up to three months without a visa.

Getting there

Several daily ferries or catamarans link the island with Piraeus and Rafína which is closer to Athens airport. You may have to cruise via other islands whereas the larger ferries and cruise ships dock at the new port, 2km from town but excursion boats and catamarans still use the in-town old port. A taxi-boat (€2) links the old ports to the new ports so you don’t have to walk!

Getting around Mýkonos

Mýkonos airport, which is just 3km from town, has fixed-rate taxis (approximately €6-7) and a shuttle bus service. There are two bus stations: the northern end, at the of the old ferry dock, and the Fábrika at the south end of town, which links to most beaches. Services are extremely crowded and run until after midnight in high season. Pre purchased tickets are about €2. There are plenty of mopeds for hire. Just remember most travel insurance companies require helmets and an Australian motorbike license for scooters/mopeds to be covered. To compare policy types refer to this Travel Insurance Product comparison.

Mykonos Town

Mykonos Street

The town of Mykonos is a maze of streets and alleys, so that you never know where you will end up. You can spend many hours wandering the streets, from café to café. You will see boutique and designer brand shops, local arts, expensive and cheap restaurants, traditional churches and pubs.


There is plenty of nightlife and the party starts at sunset and lasts until dawn. When a cruise ship is in town the clubs and streets abound with festivities. We could list many establishments to visit, but once you are in Mykonos, you can simply follow the crowd to the most popular venues.

The beaches

Mykonos beach

The beaches on the south shore of the island have the nicest sand, views, and good protection from the prevailing winds. The only downside is they are extremely crowded during peak season. A few, including Paradise beach are known as party beaches. Whereas Platis Gialos and Ornos, are quieter and more popular with families. There are many cafes and restaurants offering local seafood that make for an enjoyable lunch.

Myknos Food

Most popular local cuisines are:


  • tzatziki (a cucumber and yoghurt dip)
  • seafood.


  • pastitsio (macaroni baked with minced meat and béchamel sauce)
  • stuffed tomatoes,
  • moussaka (minced meat and aubergines in a white sauce) and
  • horiatiki salata (a country salad of lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, feta cheese and olives).


The best recommendation we can provide, especially if arriving during high season, is to book in advance. This is a big plus if you arrive late in the afternoon, as accommodation can be hard to find. That said, if you do arrive unplanned, without a room booked, there is an Information Centre that is quite helpful plus people on the wharf hawking rooms.

Mykonos is a fun beach side destination where you can party from sun down to sunrise or simply lay on a beautiful beach and relax. When in the Greek Islands Mykonos should be on the top of your ‘to visit’ list. 

The information provided is a quick guide designed to help you start your research. To help you get the most out of your holiday, here are a few online resources to give you some great ideas, official travel advice and general guidance to increase your chance of having that trip of a lifetime… 

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