Aug 18, 2014

4 Real Life Reasons to use Travel Insurance

4 true stories reasons why to use travel insurance

Whether you have issues with your luggage or run into unexpected health concerns, travel insurance has become a necessity for smart travellers. Following is an overview of an interesting article recently posted by Mark Carney, the President of the US Travel Insurance Association.

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Safety first: Why you should invest in travel insurance

Carney states, Travel insurance provides an umbrella of protection for the unexpected. It  protects your financial investment by reimbursing nonrefundable expenses such as airline tickets, tours, cruises and hotel accommodations. Whether it’s a ski vacation in St. Moritz, soaking in the sun on the beaches of Thailand or taking the Caribbean cruise of a lifetime, it’s important to be prepared. Travel insurance should be an essential item on your packing list, along with your guidebooks or apps.

What’s your back-up plan?

Even the best plans can go astray. A massive snow storm delays your return home, a last-minute illness forces you to cancel that Caribbean cruise, a lost passport prevents you from continuing your onward journey in Asia or a freak accident in Europe lands you in a hospital. Travel insurance provides an umbrella of protection when these or other situations go wrong. It  protects your financial investment by reimbursing nonrefundable expenses such as airline tickets, tours, cruises and hotel accommodations. Travel insurance also helps cover medical costs including medical evacuation. And it also includes a 24-hour hotline service to help in a variety of emergencies, from medical referrals to lost passports, and more.

4 real life examples

  • On a cruise up the Amazon, a woman’s lungs filled with fluid and she had to be hospitalised in Manaus for three days, while her lungs were drained.  Travel insurance helped pay the medical bills, reimbursed her and her husband for the unused cruise portion and for the changed airline ticket home, paid for hotel and meals prior to the airline flight home and helped arrange for all medical care and travel logistics.
  • Landing in Los Angeles  for a connecting flight to New Zealand where his tour was to begin, a man had severe back pains  and couldn’t move.  He was taken to the emergency room, where he was diagnosed with compression on his sciatic nerve.  Because of his condition, he was unable to continue on, and had to spend several days recuperating in L.A., meaning that both he and his wife missed their $10,000 tour.  Travel insurance reimbursed them for the tour and difference in airfare to fly home.
  • A woman developed food poisoning in Egypt, leading to a depletion stroke, which landed her in a local Aswan hospital for six days. When she was able to travel, she and her husband were flown home to Virginia on an air ambulance with two nurses in attendance. Upon arriving back in the U.S., she was admitted to a local hospital for further treatment. Travel insurance guaranteed her hospital payment in Egypt, arranged for her transportation, covered her overseas medical bill and the medical evacuation to get home, which alone cost over $50,000.
  • A ruptured herniated disk led to a spinal cord injury and emergency surgery in Aruba for one man   on a family vacation. Following surgery, the man had to remain in Aruba for several days to recuperate before he could return home. Travel insurance covered the Aruba hospital bill, helped make necessary arrangements, coordinated care and provided a nurse escort, who accompanied the man home on a commercial flight in first class, and subsequently to a local stateside hospital, where he remained for another three days.


Even meticulously prepared trips can not plan for the unexpected says Carney. It can protect your financial investment and provide medical and emergency care.

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