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Cover your medical costs

When it comes to travel, nobody ever plans to check in at the local hospital, but accidents happen and when they do, you’ll be glad you checked in with us first. While you can’t predict accidents, you can help protect yourself in case they do.

Cover your luggage

Losing your baggage isn’t just frustrating; it can be costly, too. From the cost of the baggage itself to your clothing, technology and personal possessions, one lost bag quickly adds up. Travel Insurance Plus offers a range of cover with additional options to provide cover in the case of loss. Whether you’re a backpacker, or packing expensive skiing equipment or designer gowns, we have a package to provide cover for your belongings.

Cover your flights and accommodation

Sometimes the cost of a cancelled flight or hotel booking isn’t just the inconvenience. Without the right cover, you might be left to pay for the alternatives. To stop your bad luck from turning into bad debt, travel insurance can help—and so can we.

At Travel Insurance Plus, we offer a range of cover to suit a range of different people (and their different needs).


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