Compare GIO Travel INsurance

Why Compare Travel Insurance Plus to GIO Travel Insurance?

1. Global emergency assistance You can count on

Emergency assistance backed by Hollard

2. Travel Insurance Plus Charity

We donate 15% of revenue to charity, so when you buy cover you are also helping seriously ill children and their families. We offer low cost, high quality cover that helps people when they are in a time of need!

3. Great rates

With most of our business online – we can keep our prices low and quality high.

4. Great Product Features and Benefits

Travel Insurance Plus has a range of products available. We cover single trip, multiple trips, families, business plus comprehensive, and budget policies. You can learn about our cover options here.

5.  Travel with peace of mind knowing you have cover that makes a difference

Looking forward to relaxing? True relaxation starts with the right cover. Plus when you choose Travel Insurance Plus, you also have peace of mind that your purchase is supporting worthwhile charitable causes like seriously ill children and providing micro finance so women can start a business and leave poverty behind.


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